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    BUSINESS Ethanol


    We produce high-purity, high-quality ethanol based
    on 30 years of accumulated expertise.



    As the nation’s only manufacturer in ethanol, ethyl acetate,
    and butyl acetate, we lead the domestic

    Color pastes

    Color paste

    We have successfully developed color pastes for the first time in Korea,
    and they currently being used as core materials for displays.


    Green Chemical KAI

    • >R&D연구소

      R&D Center

      We carry out aggressive R&D activities for the securing of a new growth engine.

    • 환경안전

      Environmental safety

      We at Korea Alcohol Industrial commit to becoming a zero-hazard enterprise that minimizes the environmental effects generated by all product manufacturing and service activities.

    • 정도경영

      Right Way Management

      Grounded in ethical management practices, we consistently provide the best quality and services through diligent corporate activities.


    About KAI

    • Manufacturing of high-quality
      refined ethanol

      We produce high-purity, high-quality ethanol
      based on 30 years of accumulated expertise.

    • Korea’s only manufacturer
      of industrial ethanol

      We lead the domestic industrial ethanol market
      through continuous R&D to achieve
      outstanding quality and cost reduction.

    • Continuous investments for growth

      Rather than staying satisfied with a stable
      business structure, we make efforts to
      diversify our product groups.

    We look beyond convenient
    and happy chemicals.

    Value System

    We rise up anew with new technological developments and our spirit of challenge.

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    Korea Alcohol Industrial’s social contribution

    Corporate Social

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